Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am inspired! (and well done Missouri...)

via Dowd column today...
"I think we should never be derisive about somebody who has the ability to inspire," Senator [Claire] McCaskill told David Gregory on MSNBC on Tuesday. "You know, we've had some dark days in this democracy over the last seven years, and today the sun is out. It is shining brightly. I watch these kids, these old and young, these black and white, 20,000 of them, pour into our dome in St. Louis Saturday night, and they feel good about being an American right now. And I think that's something that we have to capture."
Inspiration matters! It is scary to be inspired. I am inspired! Run, Obama, run!

On to Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and even the Virgin Islands!


vanya said...

Now time for you to write an entry on Cynthia McKinney running w/ the Green Party!

Also, this really fun, addictive thing is right up your alley:


Pavlusha34 said...

Is she? Cool. I love free rice!

You are my friend, Vanya?! Nice to hear from you!