Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In Support of Gap Yahs

Of course, of course, the author is correct, Gap Yah volunteering can be bad, but it can be great too. As with most things in life and social change, it depends on how you do it.

Credit to my cousin-in-law and his colleagues for what I think is one of coolest ideas through Global Citizen Year. It is what I think Peace Corps should emphasise more.
Each year, we recruit and train a diverse corps of high-potential graduating seniors and support them through a bridge year of service learning and leadership training in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Through a world-class training and individual apprenticeships, our Fellows develop the skills and perspectives they need to succeed in college, careers, and a global economy.
The emphasis on service learning and training is exactly what the BBC viewpoint is asking for. I keep believing we need to send them all abroad. Wish Global Citizen Year was around when I was 18!

And if you missed of my favs -- Gap Yah!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Humble Pie

Almost without fail, every time I listen to This American Life, I promise myself I need to listen to them all.

This one, on self-improvement made me feel so good about the annual struggle to blog more, drink less and be patient with myself. The Peace Pilgrim was a book that once inspired me with its simplicity and power. I never struck out on the journey myself, but thoroughly enjoyed the story from Daryl Watson.

NPR had run a story on her on January 1, so it was great to be reminded of her vision twice in the same month.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Coming Together (in the Right Direction)

Going back over five years, I recall my cynicism in thinking that companies making bad stuff were getting away from the impacts of their products. It's still a world of corporate green washing, but today on NPR I was pleased to seem one advocate tried to change PepsiCo. from the inside, which I support, and...look at this infomercial by Coca-Cola! They are talking about obesity and being more transparent in the contents of their product.

More than ever, I appreciate that challenge of seeing PepsiCo. as more than a one-headed monster trying to make you have as many Fritos as possible, but rather a place with many heads, some unwilling to change, but others trying to understand how you can innovate, diversify and keep business going.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Fish Fighter

I have really enjoyed Hugh's Fish Fight. I meant to watch the videos last year as one of my New Year's resolutions, so better late than never. Eager to explore The River Cottage Fish Book. I learned to skin fish tonight and must learn to cook more mackerel and sardines.