Thursday, March 09, 2017

Stay Sober While Reading Russia

So, just some place holders here on stuff that matters to me.

Did a US candidate for President collude with Russia in exchange for well-timed leaks of hacked information that would damage the opposition candidate?

If you watch Rachel Maddow, you might be easily convinced. Don't be.

Read Matt Taibbi and proceed with caution, realising that making outlandish accusations prior to having evidence destroys credibility. Trump is destroying credibility without anyone's help.

Konstantin Kilimnik is an interesting character.

So is JD Gordon.

The Financial Times makes one confident that this isn't being invented out of thing air.

Politico tells you it's unfolding as we get about our day jobs.

In your free time, read stuff by Masha Gessen (and here and especially here) and the reporting in The New Yorker, which makes one more sober in navigating the intoxicating headlines.

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