Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Mosque" Maddness

I have gasped at the quotes I have read over recent weeks from the opposition to the Islamic community center in New York. One thought such overt statements of bigotry were long gone, but sadly, that is not true.

Thank Goodness, God and Allah (I am being secular here on purpose) for Jon Stewart.

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

Certainly to be continued...

What's the point of Fox News?


Dimitri said...

Ok, so there are some radical bigots out there. But the point is that the Muslims want to build on the very spot the related radicals destroyed. They know that, and we do too. I am not a bigot or whatever, but I find their pushing this mosque outrageous! Build somewhere else, you know why this site is "sacred" in a sense, and so do they. I think my country needs to step up and say "no more crap" to radicals. No more beating around the bush. When we say no, we mean no. Now it's their problem to get a life. Fox News is around because CNN and the other folks are. Only difference is that they don't "butter up the facts".

Pavlusha34 said...

Thanks for that Dimitri. But I would add that it isn't on the very spot, it's a few blocks away. And it isn't a "mosque", it's a community center that happens to have a place of worship among the many services it will provide. I am all for saying "no more crap" to radicals - but the people building a community center are not radicals. What did you think of the Daily Show clips?

Dimitri said...

Thanks, I do realize that they are building a "community centre" but the ideology is still the same. The fact that there is going to be anything Muslim related there is rather interesting in a sense, if that makes any. if you can direct me to the clips, I would like to watch them, in honesty I haven't heard of them. There's only so much a 16 year old can keep up with (and school is enough). :)

Pavlusha34 said...

The clips on the post. Did you watch them?

Look, we are on the same side here, but you are bunching millions of people together with a very few very bad ones. That isn't fair. Where can they build a community center?

PS - Health care here in London is great. I am an American, by the way.

Dimitri said...

Oh, yea. no duh, thanks. Sometimes things just pass right me. Perhaps I worded it wrong, I think my biggest problem is the location. There are literally thousands of places that are great locations where a community centre could go. Simply the location is what makes me the most annoyed. I also would like to see many many more American Muslims renounce the terrorists out there that follow the Muslim law to a "T", and kill in the name of Allah.