Friday, September 11, 2009

Vote No on 1 in Maine!!!

OK, so I suck at blogging, but what better way to start again than with something as important as this for my beloved state.

Must request my absentee ballot immediately. What could be LESS about positive social change than this shit. Lies about what it means to have equal rights for all people!

I don't know Bill Nemitz, but I will vote with him!

To Maine for being so forward thinking and well done Protect Maine Equality for fighting the good fight!


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Alberto said...

Dude, you're TOP SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG, despite blogging at the frequency of a lemur. Honestly, some people. I blog almost daily on the Hub Milan blog, we're top of the list for the google search on social innovation in Italy, yet I nevfer got asked to be top social entrepreneurship blog in my life. I feel worthless!!

Pavlusha34 said...

True, it is quality, not quantity.