Thursday, November 08, 2007

C.A.R. Blog?!?

This is leap-frogging at its best! Kudos to the Humanitarian and Development Partners - Central African Republic for a Web 2.0-charged blog and intranet for Humanitarian and Development agencies. I learned about it from friend and was gutted to have missed the presentation of Tony Lanzer at the LSE. You can still see the presentation online with power point.

Everyone should learn a little bit about CAR..., but somewhat only an aid story. More on that later.


tino said...
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tino said...

We are delighted about the feedback! We at HDPT Central African Republic hope to reach out to the vast Web 2.0 community through our site. Especially sites like yours which are driven by huge personal effort can spread the story of a country completely forgotten by international mainstream media.

Please let us know if you need specific content for a featured post in the future.

Tino Kreutzer, editor

Pavlusha34 said...

Tino, are you in London? I heard you go to LSE?

tino said...

I'm in Bangui, CAR. But it's true that a lot of our UN staff here in Bangui graduated from LSE... Do you go to LSE as well?

I hope you can help us spread the word about this forgotten crisis in a forgotten country. This change in consciousness can probably only happen through blogs like yours!