Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mining my own business?

Mine Your Own Business will be hugely controversial as it makes us all think about the unintended consequences of blindly supporting environmentalist campaigns across the globe. It is a challenge to the green groupthink that allows westerners to deny progress to those who need it most.

Controversial indeed. For example, who would you select to play the evil environmentalist in this film?


Alberto said...

Uh, I can see why you would love this...!

I haven't seen the film - and I would like to - but I think it'll be useful if only for one reason: to open up the debate about green environmentalism (as opposed to red environmentalism) in the public sphere. Although clearly, it will never remain at this theoretical and calm level, but quickly slide into histerical accusations.

This is because, it seems to me - just intuitively, having only seen the trailer and read the director's statement - that the movie makers are doing exactly what they are accusing their opponents of doing: being fundamentalist about the opposing view. We should bear in mind that there is a degree to which the environmental debate is rooted in science, so comparing it to medieval religious doom-and-gloom preaching seems to me misconcieved and manipulative.

But then, they are movie makers, what can you expect?

Pavlusha34 said...

Who said I loved this?

I don't think it is created by the mining industry, but didn't look too closely. I think it serves as a reminder anyone who wants to debate issues seriously that they need to do their best to stay about hysterical accusations. Both can be guilty. I don't take this seriously. And once you have seen the trailer, why go see the movie. You get the point. Waste o' money!